Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: Valentine Edition

February 14th is right around the corner! I, in fact, do have special plans: my friends and I are dressing up, getting delicious Indian food, and going bowling. Afterwards, we plan on baking cookies and buying discounted chocolate, because what would Valentine's Day be without chocolate?

I'll be sure to take photos of our lovely V-Day outing!

(I also just got the hang of Polyvore - it's so easy and fun!)

Wishlist Wednesday: Valentine's Day

I love watching Bethany Mota's YouTube videos, and ever since she released her clothing line at Aeropostale, I've been eyeing this striped skater skirt. I love skater skirts, and you could wear this one with anything!

I used to be completely against designer items, because I didn't believe in paying 3x the amount of money when I could find a cheaper alternative (I'm actually the biggest cheapskate in the world). Unfortunately, Kate Spade is changing me - I love literally everything. All of her bags are perfect! I'm thinking about saving up for one like this.

Like I said, you can't have Valentine's Day without chocolate. Not that I'd ever be able to justify $50+ Godiva or Lindt chocolate, but I don't mind settling for discounted Russell Stover at a grocery store. What's your favorite brand?

Do you have any big plans for Friday?


  1. i looove that you included chocolates, haha, i'd be all over those. and today my best friends and i are going to a swanky restaurant in downtown- we're each others' valentines :)

    xo marlen
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    1. That's so fun, I hope you have a great night! And of course, what is Valentine's Day without chocolate?

  2. Love that outfit you put together! I need me a new rose gold watch. I've somehow misplaced mine (I think my car is like a vortex or a blackhole of some sort) & need a new one (good thing the old one was really cheap & from amazon haha). The dress is fabbbb. I need one of those.

    The Kate Spade purse is really nice. I think you'd be able to find some similar ones on or to be honest, but beware...THEY CHARGE MONTHLY UNTIL YOU PRESS THE SKIP BUTTON LIKE.....JESUS I keep forgetting so I get charged up the butt with them & I'm left with like 5 credits -____-

    Boyfriend is making me dinner for Vday! That's about it though, I don't think it'll be too crazy. Nice plan you got there, EAT DAT CHOCOLATE!!

    1. I've never had a rose gold watch! Most of the time, bracelets and watches are too big for my wrist and bang around, so I don't shop for them normally, haha. But they're so pretty! And same, I lose sunglasses in my car all the time. It sucks.

      I got a bag from Forever 21 for $10 on Black Friday, and somebody asked me if it was Kate Spade! Haha I was soooo proud. I've never heard of those sites, but I'll look at them!

      And that sounds like funnnn! Can't wait to see what he made you!

  3. great stuff :)


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