Thursday, January 9, 2014

OOTD: First Day of School

jacket - closet find | scarf - Target | sweater - Macy's | plaid shirt - Old Navy | purse - Forever 21 | jeans - JCPenney | boots - Wet Seal | necklace - Wet Seal

This past Wednesday was the first day of the spring semester, so of course I had to dress for the occasion. I was feeling southern and preppy, hence the puffer jacket and layered flannel and sweater. I still haven't decided if I like puffer jackets yet, but I found it in my closet and it does its job, so why not?


  1. I really like your outfit! It's perfect for the chilly season, although with that polar vortex hitting everyone in the US besides California, the outfit probably would leave you frostbitten. I think you need 10 blankets & a whole snowboarding jumpsuit to survive that kind of weather! I really like your sweater & the necklace! :D

    1. Thanks! It actually isn't that bad down here in the south! It's 60F right now, thank goodness!

  2. I'm a big fan of the cosy/comfortable look and you nailed it! Definitely a great combination of comfort and style - love the scarf!


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